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iHRK-500LTMS Rechargeable Bluetooth Outdoor Solar Rock LED Speaker with Multilink

iHRK-500LTMS Rechargeable Bluetooth Outdoor Solar Rock LED Speaker with Multilink

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Need to outfit your outdoor deck, garden, or patio with high-quality wireless sound? These rock speakers are perfect. Colored grey slate to blend right in with the surroundings of your yard/garden. The solar panel on top keeps your speakers charged when set in the sunlight. Built-in LED lighting illuminates the speaker with a glow, creating a beautiful ambiance. You can link more of these speakers together wirelessly, up to 50 at a time! Place them around your space to play them at the same time!

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    No wires? NO PROBLEM! These outdoor Bluetooth rock speakers, don't require AC power to play. Charge them up via the included micro USB cable for up to 10 HOURS of play time at max volume


    The garden pool rock speaker is IPX5 weather and splash proof with a UV protective casing so you can put them all around your landscaping, pool, or garden to bring sound to any indoor or outdoor décor


    Stream music wirelessly from any Bluetooth-enabled device. Whether it's your PC, Smartphone or Tablet, sit back and control the whole ambiance of any size space from a distance.

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    Link the rock speakers with 49 other speakers like it and surround a whole park or property so you can set the feng-shui of any outdoor environment.


    Specially tuned to get the most of the 4” driver in an outdoor setting, you won’t believe your ears! You’ll have no trouble finding the perfect place in your garden or yard for this rock speaker.


    Leave it out during the day and then continue the party at night as the built-in LED shines bright to the colors of your choice. So you can line paths, stairs, or outdoor dining so you can see outside with ease.

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