[iHRK-500LTMS] Multi-Link Connection

  • First ensure all speakers are sufficiently charged. When powered on, hold the power button down for 3+ seconds to check battery charge status. 
  • If you’ve already connected to any LTMS speakers from your playback device go to Bluetooth settings and under “iHome iHRK-500LTMS” select “Forget this device” 
  • Power on speaker you wish to be your Master speaker. This will be the main speaker you connect to, Link speakers will connect to this master individually. 
  • Once powered on you likely will see a flashing BLUE led searching for Bluetooth connection. If light is flashing white then this speaker is currently assigned to be Link speaker.  
  • Whether showing BLUE or WHITE LED need to DOUBLE CLICK the PAIR button to assign as MASTER speaker. You should hear “Broadcast Audio Enabled” and LED will turn to a BLUE/WHITE combo.  
  • Turn on Bluetooth function on your play back device, select “iHome iHRK-500LTMS” and play some audio. 
  • You should now hear your audio playback out of the master speaker. 
  • Power on the next speaker. Once powered on, SINGLE CLICK the PAIR button to assign as “LINK” speaker. Speaker will announce “Broadcast mode enabled” and LED should be flashing WHITE while the speakers attempt to pair. Linking should occur automatically, once successfully linked the LED on 2nd speaker will be fully lit in WHITE. Master speaker will be fully lit in BLUE/WHITE. 
  • Repeat the above step to link additional speakers 


Please note: Your media device connects to the MASTER speaker and each subsequent LINK speaker connects to the MASTER. Be sure to keep your audio device within range of MASTER SPEAKER (32 ft) and each LINK speaker within range of MASTER SPEAKER (32 ft.) 

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